Diploma 8 Split Axo of MuseumYung-kyoo Kim Split Axo of Museum
Diploma 8 FrameworkSakiko Watanabe Framework
Diploma 8 Grid Warp DesignYvonne S.Z. Tan Grid Warp Design
Diploma 8 So Jung Min 3So Jung Min So Jung Min 3
Diploma 8 Active/Reactive Vector FieldsClara Pierantozzi Active/Reactive Vector Fields
Diploma 8 Space/Structure/CirculationSakiko Watanabe Space/Structure/Circulation
Diploma 8 Space for ExhibitionYung-kyoo Kim Space for Exhibition
Diploma 8 Roof PlanMichal Ciomek Roof Plan
Diploma 8 Core-Wing ConnectionYvonne S.Z. Tan Core-Wing Connection
Diploma 8 So Jung Min 4So Jung Min So Jung Min 4
Diploma 8 3D Framework SlicesClara Pierantozzi 3D Framework Slices
Diploma 8 Spatial/Circulatory InteractionMichal Ciomek Spatial/Circulatory Interaction
Projects Review 2010
The AA School's annual summer Projects Review comprises exhibition, book and website, devoted to the display of work by every student across this highly international school of architecture, from Foundation to PhD, and to showcase the richness of AA Life.