Diploma 14 Section 1:500Simon Whittle Section 1:500
Diploma 14 Ground Plan Fabrizio Matillana Ground Plan
Diploma 14 IndeterminacyFabrizio Matillana Indeterminacy
Diploma 14 GardenCristina Asenjo Garden
Diploma 14 Isometric ViewCarlos H Matos Isometric View
Diploma 14 Typical SectionKatrina Anne Muur Typical Section
Diploma 14 Dwelling DetailCarlos H Matos Dwelling Detail
Diploma 14 The FrameSimon Whittle The Frame
Diploma 14 Pauperism: Intensity and Anguish of WorkCalvin Chua Pauperism: Intensity and Anguish of Work
Diploma 14 Typical planCristina Asenjo Typical plan
Diploma 14 Dwelling PlanCarlos H Matos Dwelling Plan
Diploma 14 The UnitsCalvin Chua The Units
Projects Review 2010
The AA School's annual summer Projects Review comprises exhibition, book and website, devoted to the display of work by every student across this highly international school of architecture, from Foundation to PhD, and to showcase the richness of AA Life.